The Top Personalised Christening Gifts in Ireland

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to a loved one on their Naming of Christening Day, take a look at some personalised Christening gifts in Ireland. One’s Christening is a highly personal event and it would only do justice for you to buy a personalised gift for that loved one so that their family can have something to remember this important day by.

Here you can view our entire range of our Personalised Christening gifts or read on for some of our Top Sellers

Some of the best personalised christening gifts in Ireland include the following:

Personalised Cross White Photo Frame

One of the best personalised Christening gifts in Ireland is a cross white photo frame. It is a thoughtful gift and provides the family of the person christening the chance to commemorate the day with a picture of the Christening to put in this beautiful frame. It is a great decoration piece as well and can be placed on a counter or table in the room where the christening is taking place.

Personalised Gold Companion Holy Bible

If you are in search of eco-friendly and personalised Christening gifts in Ireland, this personalised gold companion Holy Bible is the perfect item for you to buy. It can be a baby’s first bible, which would be cherished for eternity. The bible is a quality gift to give on such an occasion and it can be personalised with the name of the christened.

Personalised Me to You Religious Cross Money Box

Another useful gift that you can give is a personalised religious cross money box that can be used to save up money. Such personalised Christening gifts in Ireland are priceless and timeless because they can be used in the long run as well.

Personalised Me to You Religious Cross Bear with T-Shirt

Another useful way to commemorate the day is to gift a personalised religious cross bear wearing a t-shirt with a personalised message for the christened. Such a bear is a very adorable keepsake that the christened can always use to remember the day and occasion.

Personalised Sterling Silver Cross

A typical gift that you can make more personalised for the purpose of gifting is a personalised sterling silver cross. The cross has religious significance and is another useful keepsake. This particular cross would also have a golden heart and the christened individual’s name on it.

Personalised Children’s Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

When it comes to personalised Christening gifts in Ireland, nothing gets fancier than a sterling silver and cubic zirconia bracelet with the name of the christened. Such a bracelet would be incredible as it would be easy to cherish. However, keep in mind that such a gift is not unisex and the design is more appropriate for girls.

Personalised Cross Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace

A cross stainless steel dog tag necklace is one of those personalised Christening gifts in Ireland that is unisex. The dog tag can have the name of the christened along with the date of the Christening, making it a perfect tribute to the day.


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