Safety Harness Mini Backpack Unicorn

Part of our Skip Hop Zoolet range our mini backpack is great for your little ones adventures, they can carry some their own possessions while you have peace of mind knowing they are secured to you via the safety tether especially in busy areas, in shops or near roads.

We have a full range of matching Unicorn products that are sold separately so why not collect them all, also available is Unicorn Backpack, Unicorn Straw Bottle, Unicorn lunch pack, Unicorn Spoon and Fork Set, and Unicorn Plate and Bowl set.

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Product details

Ages 1 year to 4 years

Size (inches): 9l x 3.25w x 7.5h

Tether with wrist strap attaches at bottom of pack for better stability

Tether can be removed so can be used a backpack

Adjustable straps for extra security

Mesh pocket for drinks bottle

Nametag on inside

Carry handle on top on backpack


Safety and Instructions

  • Slide both shoulder straps onto child.
  • Pull the chest strap around child and fasten (a “click” should be heard).
  • Adjust straps by pulling the loose ends, so straps are snug but not tight.
  • Attach tether by clipping the silver buckle onto silver D-ring at bottom of backpack.
  • Please note that this is not a safety device; children should always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Potential choking hazards. Be aware of the danger when using tether near automatic doors, escalators etc. Remove any detachable tethers when the harness is fitted into a child use and care article. Keep out of child’s reach when not in use. Do not use this harness in motorized and power driven vehicles. Check straps and clips for signs of wear or damage. Ensure that the harness attachment devices are compatible with the child use and care article. Remove and discard all packaging materials prior to use.

This product is not a toy. Never leave child unattended. ALWAYS use with adult supervision. Do not add additional strings, cords or straps. This harness is not a safety device.